‘During the six-year Syrian conflict, the U.S. has repeatedly proved it will stop at nothing to achieve desired goals. Having realized the failure of its chemical weapons provocations, the current administration US began to develop and execute a new escalation plan for Syria.

According to the Pentagon, it isn’t necessary to tarnish Syrian President, Bashar Assad, for the U.S.-led coalition’s large-scale invasion to Syria. It is enough to make ISIS cross the Jordanian border. Such a scenario was discussed by Assad at the end of April this year.

This time Washington decided to rely on the Free Syrian Army (FSA), that began an offensive against ISIS in Syria’s Daraa, located about 13 kilometers north of the border with Jordan, on May 9, 2017. Apparently, according to the coalition command, the FSA will force the Islamists to leave their positions and cross the Jordanian border.

In its turn, this could be an ideal pretext for the coalition’s immediate ‘defense’ of its ally. So, according to our sources, more than 400 units of US military equipment and more than 4,000 soldiers have already been deployed along the border between Syria and Jordan. This fact indicates the ongoing preparation for the operation.’

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Andrew Cheetham著、2017年5月11日GMT中東ニュース、戦争と恐怖



今回、ワシントンは、2017年5月9日にヨルダンとの国境から北へ約13キロ離れたシリアのDaraaでISISに対する攻撃を開始したFree Syrian Army(FSA)に依存することを決めた。明らかに、 FSAは、イスラム派の立場を脱し、ヨルダンの国境を越えるよう強制する。